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Sign our model release form and receive a 50% discount on your weding video!

Firstly, what is a model release form?

A model release form is a binding contract between you (the client) and us (the videographers). This contract gives us the permission to add certain clips filmed on your wedding day to our stock footage collection.

Specifically, the footage that we will be allowed to use will be clips that contain the following content:

    • Decor from your wedding
    • Clips where you and your partner is in frame
    • Aerial footage of your venue

We will not be able to use the following clips:

  • Clips containing the faces of your guests.
  • Clips containing any of your family members or suppliers.
  • Clips containing any minors.

You might be wondering what these clips will be used for…

We are in the process of developing several courses for upcoming wedding videographers. These clips will be used as example material inside of these courses. We will also be creating several free tutorials, where our students will need to purchase the exercise files. (The tutorials will be free to watch, but the example clips will need to be purchased).

Examples of clips

These are the types of clips we will be using for our stock portfolio.

Example 1

Example 2

We only provide one discount per month

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