Filmed at Zorgvliet, Stellenbosch.

Brad and Steph

We were so blessed to be the wedding videographers for this amazing couple. Brad and Steph travelled all the way from the UK to spend their wedding day with family and friends at the beautiful Zorgvliet in Stellenbosch. It was a rainy day, but the cloud coverage really lent itself to the soft and romantic feel that the couple wanted from their wedding video and photos.

We were joined yet again by Wendy and Ruan from Art Photo, who helped shape this day into one of the best weddings we have ever attended. These photos are their work and I think we can all agree that they are super talented! We always enjoy working with them. Interesting fact – Wendy and Ruan did the photos for our wedding day as well.

The Day:

We started the day of flying with our drone and we managed to get some spectacular aerial shots of this beautiful landscape. However, on our return trip with the drone it started drizzling. We were nervous that we wouldn’t make it back in time to save the drone, but we landed it just before the torrential downpour started that lasted almost throughout the day.

Both Brad and Steph got ready on the venue, which made things a lot easier for us. Chane headed over to the girls with Wendy, and Ruan and myself made our way to the groom and his groomsmen. As can be seen in the video, they really know how to take the pressure off of such a big day. It was all fun and games and time flew right up until we were standing in front of the aisle, waiting for Steph to make her appearance.

Brad took a few deep breaths – and there she was. The girl of his dreams looking better than ever. He wiped a few tears away as she walked down the aisle and stood gazing at her all the way through the ceremony. When the time came to exchange rings and vows, there was not a dry eye in the room.

The photoshoot went really well and we managed to get some beautiful footage of Brad and Steph in the romantic winelands. We couldn’t spend too much time on the photoshoot as it kept raining, but the couple handled it like champs and were willing to get a little wet in order to get the shots that was needed.

I think the biggest surprise on the day was when Brad started singing Opera to his wife. He literally started singing out of nowhere and was met with a thunderclap of applause. It was such a special moment and we were so happy to have been a part of it.

The night ended on a spectacular note where all the guests formed an aisle and lit sparklers. I think you’ll agree that the footage and photos came out amazing!

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