Filmed at 401 Rozendal, Stellenbosch.

Chantelle and Christian

Christian and Chantelle are two beautiful people, both on the inside and out.  We were lucky enough to head back home to South Africa to film this remarkable couple’s wedding day at 401 Rozendal, Stellenbosch. With the euphoria that comes only from being home and the magical spark that Christian and Chantelle shared, we captured one of the most romantic weddings we’ve ever experienced.

The wedding ceremony took place inside the attic of a huge barn, which, as you can see worked out perfectly. The most interesting thing about this old barn was the fact that a second building was erected around it. So, it was literally a building within a building. How cool is that?

During the photoshoot, we witnessed a glorious conflagration of reds and yellows. The sunset was magnificent and it afforded us the perfect chance to round out the video with some beautiful shots of the couple. Every couple is unique in their own way, but what really set Chantelle and Christian apart was their natural flow. Not once did we need to direct them and by the end of the couple shoot we were bubbling with excitement, knowing that this video would be one of the best.

Looking at the highlights video below, I’m sure you will agree.

By the end of the night we were laughing, along with the crowd, at the hilarious speech the best man gave. The party was one to remember and when we finally went home, we were content.

All in all, I’d say we were super blessed to be the wedding videographers at Chantelle and Christian’s wedding.


Venue: 401 Rozendal, Stellenbosch

Videographer: 25 Weddings

Photographer: Justin Davis Photography

Band: Werner Denner

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