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Filmed at Rosenhof, George

Johan and Annelet

Being the wedding videographers for Johan and Annelet’s big day was a wonderful experience for me and my team. Unlike many of the traditional weddings we film, the loved up couple wanted to make their wedding day special, unique and their own. I have never seen anything quite like it. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot. It took the team and I more than 6 hours to reach the wedding destination, but not  single moment was boring. The sun was shining and the road trip with Chané and Ivan was riddled with laughter, karaoke and just loads of fun.

We arrived the day before the wedding was due to commence and as we booked into our hotel the weather slowly started to turn for the worse. With anxious glances towards the sky, we packed away all of our equipment and settled in for the night.

The next day Ivan (from 25 Beats) and I spent the morning setting up the sound and lighting for the wedding day and Chané went out to the couple to film the preparation stages with the very talented Riaan West who was the wedding photographer.

With only an hour left before the wedding ceremony were to commence, the sun broke through the storm clouds and gave us a much needed respite from the rainy weather. Shortly after, there was a pre-ceremony which was something I had never seen before, but absolutely loved. We captured the beautiful bride walking up to her groom followed by the two of them dancing in a circle of branches with their friends and family surrounding them. It was a great way to start the two of them becoming one.


Beautiful bride and groom - Wedding Videographers
Wedding Photography of Johan and Annelet
Wedding Videographers taking photos

The ceremony

The wedding itself was very informal but this made it all that more special. Rather than using the usual seating arrangement, scatter cushions were used to create a more pic-nick-y feel. During the ceremony and speeches, the couple opted for an open mic, so rather than just the family and closest friends putting in a few words, all guests were able to tell stories of the couple and wish them well. There were some very heartfelt moments and we felt so honoured to be able to capture Johan and Annelet’s special day.

During the ceremony, a thunder and lightning storm slowly crept up on us with a few flashes here and there, but luckily it held out until after the ceremony was completed. In the aftermath, the thunderstorm broke loose and allowed us to get some gorgeous shots during the photoshoot. We have never had a couple so eager to continue shooting in a full out storm, especially our beautiful bride who was so excited to have the rain and thunderstorms on her wedding day that she danced in the rain.

The thunderstorm kept at it throughout the wedding party and didn’t ease for our 6-hour journey back home, but the atmosphere of the pre-ceremony, ceremony and wedding reception stole the conversation, making the journey seem so much shorter. It’s trips like these that we as wedding videographers really love!

Thank you Johan and Annelet for allowing us to create your wedding videos.

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