Filmed at Zorgvliet, Stellenbosch.

Juliet and Warren

With a nervous excitement, we drove over Helshoogte Pass to Zorgvliet Wines, to film the wedding of Juliet and Warren. Dark clouds billowed over the peaks of the mountains and mist coalesced on the road to form a solid barrier. A downpour was imminent.

As we arrived at the venue, we were greeted by the full terroir of Zorgvliet Wines; mountain peaks in every direction, lush greenery, vineyards as far as you can see. For those of you that’s been there, this description does not do it justice.

Looking towards the sky, we decided it best to get the drone out as fast as possible, before the torrential downpour started. As we were flying around, our good friend Kobus Tollig arrived. For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the leading photographers in South Africa. Some of his work can be seen in this blog, but for a more detailed look, visit his website at

The Day

We went into the venue to start filming décor shots when the storm wall hit us. Luckily, everything was happening indoors, so we could afford to wait it out.

Filming the bride and the groom getting ready was, as always, one of our favourite parts of the day. Seeing the nervous look in his eyes, as he glances at his groomsmen, or hearing her excited laugh as her bridesmaids makes an inappropriate (but very appropriate) joke. Happiness, excitement, laughter and love.

The ceremony was as beautiful as the rest of the day and when the couple kissed, wedding bells were rang in the courtyard.

The rain subsided quite a bit by this point and the couple shoot took place accompanied by a constant drizzle. You won’t believe the amazing footage that this provided us. While we were filming the couple shoot, Zorgvliet, as always, provided some of the best canapes for the guests to snack on.

Right at the end of the couple shoots, the sun graced us with its presence for a few minutes, creating a glorious conflagration of pinks, purples and reds. With our shot of the day bagged, we felt like we were ready to go home. No additional footage could top what we already had. Little did we know that the reception would prove us wrong.

The DJ from Bird Song Wedding Music created such an amazing atmosphere with the beats he provided that a party was quick to start. By 10pm our time was up, but I’m sure the party carried on into the early morning hours.

We want to thank Kobus Tollig for supplying us with his amazing photographs to compliment our video.

Venue: Zorgvliet Wines

Photographer: Kobus Tollig

Décor: Sitting Pretty

DJ: Birdsong Wedding Music

Makeup: Danielle Jacobs

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