Filmed at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe.

Sam and Godwin

What can I say about this stunning Canadian couple? It all started when Sam and Godwin contacted us to film their wedding in December 2016.  We were informed that not only would this wedding be taking place in Zimbabwe, but it would also be held at the beautiful Antelope Park in Gweru, the home of the world famous African lion. To say that we were both excited and nervous at the same time would be an understatement.

Images courtesy of Studio 25.

The Story

 Once we arrived in Zimbabwe, we were greeted by Sam and Godwin with open arms and warm hearts. Needless to say that with only days before their big day, this couple was so excited and hands on with all that needed to get done to ensure that everything would run smoothly. I have to say that I have never seen a bride so calm in the few days before her wedding. That evening we were invited for a family barbeque at Mpumalanga lodge, where we were also staying for the duration of our time there. We met all of their friends and family members who also welcomed us warmly.

When the day finally broke for their nuptials, we arrived at Antelope park earlier than usual as we could just not contain ourselves any longer. It was an absolute perfect day with some gorgeous clouds in the sky and a light wind that created a soft breeze in the African heat. When we arrived at the bride’s location, we were greeted by a blushing bride and her entourage all very excited to get their glam on. Hair and makeup was getting done and emotions were running high. When we got to the guys, they were in high spirits and ready for us to start filming. With the laughter and playfulness that rang through the room, there was no doubt that this wedding was going to be a fun and memorable one.

With their personal vows, I could not help but shed a few tears. What beautiful words these two had for each other. With God in their hearts and their hearts on their sleeves, there was no doubt that the love they share with one another could withstand the test of time.

During the couple photoshoot, we had the opportunity to film the happy couple with elephants, yes you read that right, elephants! What an experience this was. Not only have I never filmed a wedding with elephants, but I have never seen such cheeky elephants in my life. This caused for some serious laughs along the way and some amazing shots.

After this thrilling experience, we continued on with the couple shoot at a nearby farm on the Antelope Park premises where they had horses and stables. And as you will be able to see in the video, the lighting here was absolutely breathtaking. No words can possibly describe the beauty of this view. The greenest grass I have ever seen in my life, with trees rustling in the background and the sun shining through the branches creating the most beautiful light flares. We felt like this could actually be Heaven.

Sam and Godwin, thank you for allowing us to share your special day with you, and for inviting us to your beautiful home country. We wish you all the love and happiness on your journey ahead and may your life together be abundantly blessed.

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